Kristina Train


There are so many of Kristina's songs that set a mood for me, numerous of which played a massive part inspiring scenes throughout FATE. Hearing 'Dream of me' captured thoughts of how Mary is drawn to Walter and how, through her visions, her life is turned upside down by a seemingly most unsuitable man.  Below are just a few examples of Kristina's lovely voice and her beautiful expression which captures a wonderful sense of searching and longing.


Richard Hawley


A fellow Sheffielder whose career and rise to stardom I've followed with interest - just a pity he supports the wrong football team from our fair city!  Listening to Richard's 'Truelove's Gutter' album inspired so much of the first half of FATE. As someone once said, "No-one does melancholy quite like Hawley" - I couldn't agree more! In chapter 2, Walter's hopelessness is captured in the song 'As the dawn breaks', and I've lost count of how many times I listened to 'Soldier on' when writing the later desert chapters.  Good on you, Richard - you made my lead character.


Adrian Munsey


Adrian's wonderful compositions inspired me to write the story of REVENGE. His music always transports me to places in my mind where I can build characters and scenes so vividly. I really cannot tell you how much this composer has influenced my novels - thank you, Adrian.


Harry Chapin


The master of storytelling through words and music!  Whenever I struggle to feel the emotion of dialogue I listen to Harry. On his 'Vertities & Balderdash' album alone, there are at least five tracks where I would imagine my characters singing his songs if the story were on the musical stage. I would urge anybody who loves melody with great meaningful lyrics to listen to the late Harry Chapin.


Brian Byrne


Another composer I could listen to for hours when I'm writing and allow myself to drift and visualise.  Brian's music inspired several settings for DECEIT. Here is a 16 min compilation of lovely compositions from his original score 'Queen of Carthage'.