This is the second volume of The Entanglement Mysteries by Chris Brookes. Though it can be read as a standalone I would recommend reading the first Entanglement of Fate which gives a good background to the series and introduces some of the main characters. The book, set in Yorkshire around the WW1 period, starts with a dramatic pit disaster and moves at a fast pace. The dialogue is good and the characters are well drawn but you do need to concentrate as there are some time shifts and quite a few parallel plotlines. These do all come together and certainly kept me guessing. I liked the ending and I look forward to the third volume in the series.

4.5/5.0  average Amazon rating

UK  -  21st Mar, 2015

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Sheffield, England, 1916


On a bleak winter's night news breaks of a pit disaster. The next morning a woman is  discovered on a colliery spoil heap, at the edge of exhaustion, bewildered – tortured by her thoughts.


Sheffield court missionary, Robert Elliott, and his friend, Professor Tom Sharpe, are mystified by the case notes of ‘MARION’. Their unique blend of logic and insight should have provided all the answers, but for each puzzle that they solve, another appears to take its place.


In nearby Haddington Hall, baronial home of the aristocratic Warsop family since the 1700s, shocking secrets lurk beneath the veneer of respectability.


Pitting their wits against a noble family twisted by vengeance and malice, Elliott and Sharpe may have found the key to the mystery when they discover a notorious book in the Hall's ancient library.


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