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Amazon - UK Excellent An excellent storyline and well written. Mr Brookes has the talent to allow the reader to actually feel the atmosphere of the era. 

Amazon - UK This entangled me too, couldn't stop reading. Marvelous historical, crime and paranormal fiction story, loosely based around two real people; Sheffield's first probation officer and Walter; lovable rogue and offender, who led such an adventurous life. Real events of both their lives are incorporated into the story. I particularly liked this unusual and clever coverage of a section and period of history I have never come across before. The depiction of Mary's visions sent chills up my spine every time. It maintains the 1912-1916 period feel throughout, starts straight into the middle of a police chase and the action never stops throughout. This will take you through the full gamut of your emotions, and the wide ranging characters will have you loving most and hating some. Though part of a series, this is a standalone book and you don't need the second book, Entanglement of Revenge to finish the story or tie up loose ends, however, I am just going to have to read it, and very soon too. 


Amazon - UK Epic tale of intrigue, mystery, love (and lust), violence, war, espionage and revenge.  What a great read!  It sets off at 100mph when we are introduced to the mystery character (the Street Arab) being chased by police. When it slows down we are presented with an intriguing love puzzle (be careful with this). Chris Brookes cleverly keeps you in 1912 and then through the Great War with subtle yet gritty details of early 20th century daily life in his narrative.  He keeps you reading by cunningly intertwining three plots that come together towards the end – this is the entanglement. The pace of the story accelerates for the final third of the book that keeps you turning page after page. There are clues to carry you along but I wasn’t prepared for the twist. A gripping and satisfying read. Enjoy. 


Amazon - UK Intrigue Galore and more! This is one of those books where you think "I'll read one more page", and an hour later you're still reading! I decided to read a few pages each evening after work - by the 3rd evening I'd finished. It's a wonderfully written book that keeps you thinking you've worked the story out - but no - Mr Brookes smoothly takes you off in another direction - not to confuse you.... but to keep the intrigue going - and it works! The characters are thoughtfully integrated into each of the plots, which in turn are so cleverly woven together near the end, that as previous reviews say - you don't see the twist until the last minute. A brilliant read. Mr Brookes, you've set yourself quite a high bar for the next one - and I look forward to it with much anticipation. 


Amazon - US Five stars. Brilliant, fabulous story - could not put it down. A must read. 

Goodreads - UK A good read. Though this is a debut novel it is obvious from the quality of the writing that the author is an experienced writer. The action moves at a fast pace beginning in 1912 Sheffield with the capture of a thief falling from a roof and finishing in post war Ecclesfield. In between there is WW1 action in Mesopotamia where the battle is against the Turks rather than the Germans. Initially I found the book a bit difficult to get into perhaps because quite a number of characters are introduced at once. However once I had them sorted out I really got hooked and I read the book in a day. At first I found the out of body experiences of Mary one of the main characters a bit unconvincing but as the plot unravels they made much more sense. The plot line also has a number of twists and turns which I didn’t see coming. All the main characters are well drawn my favourite being Robert Elliot the police court missionary. Not an easy book to categorise as it fits into various genres the main one being mystery but also romance, history and a bit, but not too much, paranormal. A good read anyway. 


Goodreads - US  The book was well written and I found the paly between the characters believable. The preview I had received got me interested in the entire book. I like a little what I call sci-fi along with a bit of romance. Once I got the entire book I started reading and thought I was going to be a little let down. I WASNT! It sped along at a nice pace. I pride myself on being able to see the twists in a book and was very pleased that I got it wrong. There was one small portion that I didn't really care for between Walter and Mary but as it was handled well and only mentioned the one time. I can deal with it. In my opinion It's not your typical Romance and not your typical Sci-Fi, it's not your typical suspense. Its great if you want something a bit different set back in time. I think you will like it. Thank you Chris for the opportunity to see inside your writing mind. I shall wait for the next one to see what your have Elliott doing this time. 


Amazon - US Fantastic! Gave 5 stars -  Could not put the book down. Felt swept away and apart of the story as watching everything unfold. Amazing 

Goodreads - UK  This is a very enjoyable story. It's one to really immerse yourself in - Walter's dangerous and exotic life combined with Mary's spooky experiences and shocking discoveries provides a lot of intrigue and entertainment for those who like the romance and adventure genres alike. 

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Amazon - UKExcellent (again!) Another very fine read from Mr Brookes. These Entanglement stories would make an excellent TV mini series. BBC producers take note! 

Amazon - UK A must read. A brilliant and engaging sequel to Entanglement of Fate. This novel combines the genres of thriller, crime, mystery and the supernatural along with well researched historical information. Keeping interest throughout this is a page turner that will keep any fan of mystery novels engaged and unable to put it down! 

Amazon - UK Good series.  This is the second volume of The Entanglment Mysteries by Chris Brookes. Though it can be read as a standalone I would recommend reading the first volume Entanglement of Fate which gives a good background to the series and introduces some of the main characters. The book set in Yorkshire around the WW1 period starts starts with a dramatic pit disaster and moves at a fast pace. The dialogue is good and the characters are well drawn but you do need to concentrate as there are some time shifts and quite a few parallel plotlines. These do all come together and certainly kept me guessing. I liked the ending and I look forward to the third volume in the series. 


Amazon - UKAnother great book from Chris Brookes Like the first in the series, a complete, stand alone story, fast paced and complex (entanglement being the operative word) with lots and lots of surprises as it unfolds. Unusual historical crime fiction set around the First World War period but not about the war directly. Straight into the action with a pit disaster, Sheffield's first probation officer has another deceptive case to work on, whilst his personal demons continue to plague him. Elliott with his friend Tom Sharpe work together to reveal the intrigues, corruption, perversity and politics of all involved. More of the backgrounds of Elliott and Sharpe are revealed and brought vividly to life in this second book. I very much look forward to reading the next book in the series Entanglement of Deceit. 


Amazon - UK Five stars. Very good story line and good flow - would recommend this book. 

Amazon - USI like the fact that the author continues the series with ... As in all of Chris Brookes books, they are always full of surprises. Every new chapter leads you into more "entanglements" full of mystery. His story line centers around the turn of the century right after WW1, which always leave the door open to some fascinating facts of that time.I like the idea that Chris Brookes continues his series with the main characters whom I have grown very fond of.Looking forward to many more of the "Entanglement Mysteries" series. 

Goodreads - UK  This is the second book in what is shaping up to be an excellent series. This is so much more than a casual mystery. Beginning with a tragedy that is actually a murder, the author weaves an interesting tale that will keep you guessing til the end. What made this story for me was the vivid characters, tense atmosphere and careful attention to historical details. All these combined to create a touching tale of love, neglect and above all revenge. 

Website review - UK  What a great story!  You kept me guessing right until the end and I loved trying to sort through all the different 'entanglements'.  A lovely easy yet gripping read. Bring the next book out - quick. 

Website review - UK Very enjoyable. I actually read it in the first weekend and really enjoyed it. It is a nice light read, well researched and a good storyline. So nicely tied in at the end too. 

Website review - UKLoved it. Not at all what I thought it was going to be like but loved it all the same. It was nice to see the central characters coming back and developing.  The way you tell a story with a tense atmosphere is wonderful. 

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