The Author


After spending time in the army, Chris embarked on a career in musical theatre production and went on to co-produce touring shows in the 1980s. However, after discussions with his bank manager and the revelation that a mortgage needed to be paid monthly, it was agreed he would also seek a proper job’. Soon he found himself working in service delivery management, but all the while continued to pursue an interest in the stage, script writing and organising shows. With his children starting to leave the nest, he decided the time was right to return to his creative roots and began writing full-time, developing the characters for an entangled mystery series based on the registers of a police court missionary. Originally intended for screen production, he wrote several scripts and began pitching the idea to television production companies. After very positive feedback from the BBC, he was also persuaded in 2012 to write the storylines as distinct novels. Then, in 2013, Schnauzer Publications released FATE the first of the ‘Entanglement of’ mystery stories. Throughout 2014, Chris was busy writing the second book REVENGE, and in autumn 2015 the third book DECEIT is planned for publication.


Other projects he is currently working on include a short radio play, THE ROAD, as well as further development of a TV series adapting the Jacques Futrelle mystery books. In addition, after many evenings spent discussing the concept of a sitcom with his good friend over a bottle or two of Pineau des Charentes, finally, the time is right to start capturing these ideas into scripts.


Away from writing, Chris has always loved to sketch and, over the years, has produced numerous limited editions of his work. With more time now available, he hopes to once more pick up his pastels.

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